Special Offers for December 2015

Every December, Brilliant Book House tries to think of the best materials we have available to equip you for the year to come and also the best gifts to give, big and small, for new believers and old!

First, we are introducing The Peace on Earth Collection. This collection includes Bob Book’s newest worship CD, Rest, as well as The Practice of Rest and the journal Living in Dependency & Wonder. These teachings were hand-picked as the definitive guide into finding your way into peace and rest in any situation! It is our responsibility to bring Heaven down to Earth and the only way to do that is through peace.


Shop for The Peace on Earth Combo.

The second collection we have available this month is the 2015 Collection, which includes both new teachings Graham released this year: Making a Prophetic Impact and Developing Your Destiny. These newest teachings are a BRILLIANT way to reflect on all God had for you in 2015 and also plan for an amazing future of favor and upgrade. Each of these teachings have been discounted for this collection, so take advantage of this opportunity to end 2015 in the most BRILLIANT way possible!


Shop for The 2015 Collection.

We’ve also put together a few gift-wrapped sets for the month of December as well! When you purchase one of the gift sets you will receive an unwrapped copy for yourself and a gift-wrapped copy to give away!


Shop for a BRILLIANT Gift Set.



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