Wednesday Special Offer for December 9, 2015

Brilliant Book House has a very special offer this Wednesday! Until midnight tonight you can purchase Prophetic Wisdom for only $5! Prophetic Wisdom is a comprehensive look at prophecy and how to practically incorporate it into your life through the process of spiritual development.


Check out this awesome review left by Katherine at Brilliant Book House:

On every page the radiant nature of God captivates your heart. It is a book about prophecy, leadership, and the Holy Spirit, to be sure. For me also it is a book about how to mentor others using the prophetic gift.

Mostly though is has been a book about how the Beauty of God can mentor us. The love of God comes at you relentlessly on every page. His joy in you will overwhelm you as it has me. His pleasure in your walk and journey will melt your heart as it has mine.
This is the most extraordinary book that I have ever read. Encounters with God are everywhere. It is written from an entirely different dimension of spirituality, and therefor takes you into a whole new world in the Beauty of the Lord. Wonderful devotional book about the prophetic!!

Prophetic Wisdom will make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who is looking to advance in the prophetic, or it makes a great treat just for you too!

Shop for Prophetic Wisdom. 


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