Bringing Your Destiny into Today


To really understand your identity, you have got to actually put it in the same place with your destiny because sometimes we understand who we are here in the context of who God says we are becoming, present-future. Present-future is the anointing to determine your life in the present by the prophecies, promises, and plans that God has for your future.

Your present-future is who you are now, that is your identity, and who you are becoming, that is your destiny. You are a paradox of identity and destiny. You are knowing who you are now, you are knowing who you are becoming, and you are living in a way that makes that future more readily accessible. That means we are never stuck now, but we have a defined way of opening up our life to all of God’s possibilities when the enemy is trying to get us to focus on what is wrong or not working. The future allows us to make the present different. We can aim at something beyond our current circumstances and bring that into the present to help us with the fight.

We need to be using our destiny in a much more powerful way. When your identity right here is under threat and your identity needs some help, then you go into the future of all the promises that God has ever made to you, and you grab the identity that is out there and you bring it here so that your identity and your destiny form a partnership that enables you to overcome here in the present. When your identity is under threat, it is your destiny that is going to ride to the rescue. Your destiny says, “Hey! I am you in the future, and I am going to join with you in the present so that you can overcome this thing!” Present-future empowers you to rediscover favor in God.

I began to think about more than just my identity. I wanted to touch base with my destiny. So I am looking at my prophetic words and my promises and my identity statement because this is my lifeline into the future, and I started to ask my questions like, “What is my legacy going to be?” If Scripture says that everyone has three score years and ten, that is 70 years, that is 840 months. When I started thinking about my legacy, I was 56 years old and 5 months. I had already lived 627, I had 163 months left. Currently it is 160. I am planning to live longer than 70 years, but if 70 years was it, I have 160 months left. What am I going to do with them? It’s not as morbid as it sounds.

How rapidly is life passing us by, and what have we done? Me, I want to see my life as a treasure that was spent on earth. I don’t want to have any regrets about how I lived. I want to live in a grace where all things are possible and there are zero chains on my life. I want to live life as a celebrant and travel with the optimism of the Holy Spirit. I want to develop a boldness of spirit and press into Heaven for greater breakthroughs on earth. I am going to pursue freedom and excellence so that I fully occupy the space that has been set aside for me. I am going to be a pioneer, not a settler. I want to explore my territory and take ownership of the land that is mine. I intend to be fully present-future in my lifestyle.

You can’t succeed beyond your wildest dreams unless you begin with them. I want to embrace the spirit of wisdom that is in me and pursue it like Daniel did. I want to be generous and extravagant with my substance. I intend to be a man of a different spirit. I want to spend my life building up, inspiring, and making joyful everybody I meet regardless of their enmity or their difficulty. I want to experience the most favor possible, and I want to exact the greatest vengeance on the enemy of our souls. But last and most important, most vital, I want to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Life in the Spirit is not about avoiding tough situations. It is about making a profit from them. It’s about being in alignment, and to be in alignment we must understand and agree with God’s intention for our lives, and then we must embrace His intentionality and make it our own.

–An excerpt from Defining Your Personal Legacy



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