A New Way to Give This Christmas

The holiday season is always seen as a time to help out in our communities and give back where we can. This year, if you’re wondering about something you can do to give back, consider donating to Not For Sale.

Graham has partnered with Not For Sale for many years, and Team Brilliant passionately supports their mission to  end slavery worldwide. In 2014 Not For Sale helped to equip and empower over 4,000 people by providing educational and work opportunities to survivors of slavery. Not For Sale truly believes it’s not enough to just rescue people from the situation they are in, but that they should be given the tools and resources with which to lead normal lives.

Currently Not For Sale has projects in the United States, the Netherlands, Peru, Romania, and Thailand. You can check out any of these projects here.

Check out this video of Not For Sale founder David Batstone explaining why he started Not For Sale:

If you are interested in giving to Not For Sale, you can do so here.

Your contribution makes a world of difference to the people who are rescued by your involvement.



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