Impossibility Thinking


People always want to talk about the odds against something happening. They will have the opinion that declares something is 90% improbable. The mind of Christ declares that a 10% chance of success is good enough to launch something as an idea, “what is impossible with man is possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

As we continue with God the odds for something begin to increase. The foundation of God’s nature is always our starting point for any enterprise. When we know Him properly, we behold His majesty. When we know that we are His Beloved, we bask in His favor. When we know the power of the one with the ONE, then it is our privilege to trust Him.

We never figure the odds against, only the odds for something to occur. Our lives in Christ have more trust, more faith and more fun attached than we often realize. It is sensible to count the cost before commencing an enterprise. However, we do so in order to calculate what God needs to be for us in the endeavor. What does need to happen to bring an idea to fruition? What are the time frames and priorities? The answers to those questions tell us how to come before God in prayer.

There is too much passion in the Holy Spirit for us ever to be stuck in a negative place. Passion counts the cost differently. We plan something based upon what God is doing in us and through us. We have to factor in the call of God upon us, and the prophecies and inheritance words of scripture that belong to us. All the intentions of God are part of our resources for the project.

Dreams are not fulfilled by the sensible. True passion loves the impossible. It is energized by it. Passion does not partner with conventional thinking. Passion is like water. It seeps into the space surrounding an obstacle. It maneuvers around objects and barriers. It finds a way through. Passion is resourceful. Trust always partners with passion to develop the faith to overcome.

God never lies and He can only do what is right. Trust is confidence in the very words of God. Passion is a strong delight in the nature of God that governs our fellowship with Him. When combined, they position us to believe the intentions of God in the matter at hand. Together, they form the “stance” in our circumstance.

All projects come to a fork in the road. In one direction is a way that seems right. Logic and reason would take us down that road. It’s the road where we determine what is possible through the resources we can generate. By that thinking maybe ten people would have had a snack with the five loaves and two fish; rather than the 5,000 who were full with twelve baskets of food remaining!

The other way is the road of intuition that leads to creative thinking. Wisdom is the knowledge of how God perceives, thinks, speaks, and likes to do something. Let passion choose the direction. Allow your renewed mind to serve God in faith. When met by an obstacle we must use it to increase the size of the dream.

God places the obstacles in front of us. The obstruction is not a stumbling block. Every hindrance is a benefit instead. The size of the difficulty determines the provision we need to negotiate it. That is a cause for excitement! God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power. He is Lord over all things therefore every obstacle belongs to Him. He places the barrier in front of us to teach us about His advancement.

If an obstruction blocks our vision then we must receive elevation in the Spirit to see beyond it and move forward. Everything works for good! A restriction encourages us to see what God wants to open. A limitation teaches us that an upgrade in our resources is currently available. If we are in Christ then so are all our circumstances. If we can never be separated from the love of God (Romans 8:35–39) then our problems can never be separated from the faith that God has for our life.

–An Excerpt from Keys to Brilliant Focus

Keys to Brilliant Focus is the third book of The Wisdom Series and was created for busy people who still crave to make devotional time in their daily lives. Keys to Brilliant Focus and the other Wisdom Books are broken into 52 manageable pieces of wisdom and revelation for you to work through and reflect on when you have time in your schedule! Keys to Brilliant Focus is available at Brilliant Book House.

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