Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Rest & Restoration

Christine Taylor  is a member of The Warrior Class and has shared her story of learning to rest and enjoy the Presence and Comfort of the Father in spite of how busy life can be. To learn more about The Warrior Class, please visit


I have a grandson who is the apple of my eye. The highlight of my week is Thursdays where I go spend my afternoon with “The Captain” or Captain Adorable as he has been nicknamed (this for a shirt he was wearing when he was just an infant, and the name has stuck). I devote the afternoon to just plain silliness: we play, I sing, sometimes we read, then we play some more, but the best part of the day is when the Captain is winding down and I get to rock him to sleep. I can always tell when he is getting tired, as he speeds up a bit first, gets a little cranky (but not much) then he settles down on my lap as we rock. He drifts off to sleep, his chubby fingers wrapped around one of mine, head on my chest and we doze together in the recliner. I wake often, a heart so full of gratitude for this wonderful gift I have been given, kiss his forehead and just gaze in wonder at God’s creation.

Lately, my life has been really full. Mostly full of wonderful things like the Captain, but it has contained some challenges and some really juicy fights too. One particularly busy day, I found I had more to do than I had the energy for and was feeling the wear in my own body. I was playing worship music (which is my norm), and kept feeling the pull to just lay face down in worship. Here I was with so much still undone and yet hearing that unmistakable call.

In the midst of a crazy busy day, I surrendered and laid face first on the floor. I lay down initially to worship the One whom I adored. To pour my out my love and praise Him. But that is not what happened.

The moment I laid my head down, my mind began to flood with image after image—of the Captain and I. How I watched as he grew more tired and yet refused to rest. How finally when he was exhausted, what a pleasure it was for me to just to hold him, resting in my arms. How when his tiny fingers wrapped themselves around mine, it felt like they wrapped around my heart as well.

As I lay there I felt the Fathers hand on the back of my head and shoulders as He pulled me close and whispered, “Just rest now, my child. Will you let Me hold you for a little while? Shh, Just lay still here now and let me restore your heart before you head back into the battle again”. I felt my fingers wrap around His, I felt the joy in His heart, and felt the weight I didn’t even know was there, begin to lift first from my heart and then from my shoulders.

I am not sure how long I laid there, but when I arose a weariness that I had not even been aware of was gone. I held a new appreciation for how much The Father longs to hold me, of how much he longs to take those burdens off of my shoulders and my heart, of how He longs to have some quiet time with me to talk to with me about my day and of His plans for me. How He just wants to BE with me, without the business of my day creeping in, without worship being one more thing on my “to do ” list. Of wanting to have the time with me to give me the gift of rest and restoration that being in His presence holds.

–Christine Taylor

For material about rest and its importance in leading a full and enriched spiritual life, check out The Practice of Rest, a 2-disc teaching available at Brilliant Book House.


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