Adjusting Your Lens


Here is a question: Has your spiritual encounter with God exceeded your traditional lens? For how many of us is it true that the lens we grew up with in church, we have now understood is not good enough for the journey that we want to go on? Our experience of God has exceeded our traditional lens. And how many of us know people who have not gone on that journey because they felt they needed to be faithful to their traditional lens? How many of us have those people in our family? It’s painful, eh?

Does your lens need to be repaired? Or does it need to be replaced?

In Ephesians 1:18 Paul writes this, I pray that the eyes of your heart, that is, your spiritual lens, may be enlightened, it may be illuminated so it can make you see something better, so that you will know these things. You will know what is the hope of His calling, that you will know what are the riches of glory of His inheritance in the saints. Your lens is not only supposed to make you see something bigger, it is meant to make you see something more majestic. That you will know what is the surpassing greatness of His power towards us who believe. And that word ‘know’ there means ‘to know by perception.’ It is a new lens.

All of us can accept that on our journey with God, we are all growing up into all things in Christ. Right? That’s Scriptural. How many of us really understand that each of those things will involve a lens correction? Each of those things that we are growing up into will include a new perception, otherwise you can’t go there; a new mindset, otherwise you can’t stay there; and a new language, otherwise you can’t tell somebody else about it.

What are the lenses that may help us see something new or different or even better?

I grew up in a church with a lens that said we are all sinners. The focus was on old man behavior, and the main point of our lives as evangelicals was to try and avoid sin at all costs. We had to crucify our own flesh every day. That is the lens I grew up with. “You are just a sinner. Just try and get through, you know, just hang on until Jesus comes back!”

And then I got filled with the Spirit, which changed everything because then the Person who wrote the Book now actually opens it in a completely different way, and I began to see that my old man was dead, crucified in Christ, that it was in the ground, and it was buried, and that I was a new creation, all the old things have passed away; I was a new creation discovering all these wonderful things about God and myself. I began to discover that God is not dealing with my sin, He is dealing with my righteousness. I began to understand that God actually has already dealt with sin in Jesus once and for all, so says Romans 6. If He has dealt with it once and for all, that means He is not dealing with it again, so what is He dealing with? God is not dealing with my sin because I am dead to it. Otherwise, for God to deal with my sin, He has to resurrect my old nature out of the grave.

Right? Let me appeal to your logic:

For God to deal with my old man, He has to dig it up. Is there anything in the Bible that says God is as grave-robber? But instead of that, the Lord has said, “No, you were too bad to be cleansed; you had to be crucified! So we crucified you with Jesus. He didn’t just die for you, He died as you, and we put you into the grave with Him, and we’d like that to stay there, if that’s okay with you. And what We are going to do is, actually, We don’t want to pastor your old man. We don’t want to be counseling your behavior. We want to keep all that stuff in the grave, and then We are going to resurrect you. We are going to take you out of that as a new creation, and We are going to call it being “born again.” So none of the old attaches to you. Now you are learning to be completely new. So We are only dealing with the new you, the real you, the true you because the old you is dead. That’s a lens change!

–An excerpt from The Portland Sessions: School of Prophecy

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