Wednesday Special Offer for January 13, 2016

Allison Bown is a close friend to Graham, the director of The Warrior Class, and an integral part of Team Brilliant! Just this month she released a brand new CD Series: Joyful Intentionality.

Today only you can receive a free CD from this teaching series with any order of physical product! This is a great opportunity to become more familiar with Allison’s work if you aren’t already, because her perspective on identity and Kingdom living is both encouraging and empowering!


Check out what Allison had to say about creating her new series, Joyful Intentionality:

As much as I enjoyed the wonderful process of writing “Joyful Intentionality,” the material has continued to grow and expand when I teach it at an event. I’m always amazed at how the Holy Spirit interacts while teaching: customizing the truths for that moment, dropping in fresh ideas and expanding previous revelations.

In this set of meetings, I shared the story of my journey from trying-harder-to-do-better-for-God to living life fueled by His passion for me and the joy that gives momentum to all I do. We discussed several of the basic mindsets of joyfully intentional people through content that is in the book and some that isn’t.

But it was the last two sessions I’ll always treasure. One was penciled out early that morning as the Holy Spirit woke me up to combine some well-loved revelations with fresh truths in a unique way. It’s part teaching, part devotional soaking, as Amy, the wonderful worship leader, was willing to play softly throughout the session at my request. God unwrapped the power of the joyfully intentional lens that sees all of life through the lens of worship.

The last session was “The Journey from Servant to Friend.” It is a truth that God first began to open up for me in 1995, and one I didn’t know if I’d ever teach, as it was a very dear, personal revelation. But of all the times I’ve shared it, this one was unique. The previous session on worship had created a rich atmosphere, thick with glorious presence. You could have heard a pin drop as we unfolded the story of Moses’ friendship with God and the beautiful way I believe he made his final transition from earth to Heaven.

One session created that morning; the other 20 years in the making. The Holy Spirit really is a true genius, who is ever faithful to keep us joyfully dependent on Him… Which makes it a wonderful adventure for me. And hopefully for you too as you listen.

This series is packed with upgrades and joyful revelation, so be sure not to miss this BRILLIANT deal! With the purchase of any physical product at Brilliant Book House today you will receive a free CD from this series! Shop at Brilliant Book House now!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Special Offer for January 13, 2016

  1. I hope I’m not missing something here but…I live in Colorado on Mountain time. Your specials come in at 11:30 PM…I’m asleep then. I never open my mail until after quiet time which might be in the late morning. So I am always on the next day after the special. Which means I’m out. Can you rethink the timing when you send these out. Also many keep Shabbat and I don’t even turn my computer on for two days.


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