The Gift of Time


As many of you know, near the end of 2015 Graham had to alter his schedule to make more time for rest and recovery as he continues to battle an illness he has had for many years. Some close friends of Graham at the Four Eleven Foundation wanted to be able to give Graham the time to recover completely. It is with that they have started an initiative called “Gift of Time for Graham” which will allow Graham to take time off from traveling to recuperate and also to spend time doing what he’s passionate about: writing. The physical stress of being on the road means that his writing time has been gradually eroded by the need to have proper recovery time between trips and tours.

The purpose of The Gift of Time for Graham is two fold:

• To Write: There is material that has been in Graham’s meditation journals for years and needs time for expansion and development. Also, he has manuscripts for another twelve books that need similar development.

• To Recover: To allow him to receive continuous medical treatment that would allow him to get on top of his physical condition.

Here is the Plan…
Giving the Gift of Time for this next year would allow Graham the ability to focus on both of these objectives: to write and to recover. It will take the time he would have used for traveling, speaking at events and preparation, and redirect it.

How you can Help…
If you would like to contribute to the Gift of Time for Graham please select one of the options below.

• Checks: Send checks to 4-11 Foundation with “Gift of Time” written in the memo line. Please do not make checks out to Graham Cooke. Make checks out to: The Four Eleven Foundation, Inc. Memo: “Gift of Time” 2373 Greenglade Rd, Atlanta, GA. 30345

• Online: To contribute using your credit card visit:
Please note: Do not make checks out to Graham Cooke. With any donation, whether check or credit card, please include “Gift of Time”.

• If your gifts total $250 or more, you will receive a tax receipt from the 4:11 Foundation. Please include your mailing address so that your tax receipt can be sent to you at the end of January. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your donation. Thank you for your generous support and being a partner in building the kingdom of God with the vital message that God has given Graham.


Graham, Team Brilliant, and the Four Eleven Foundation

5 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. I think this sounds like a good plan. I pray that he would find the healing he needs. If you’re interested with alternative options check out the Home for Health website for an excellent place to relax and heal. They have many awesome testimonies for cancer, MS.,and much more. I myself am a Lymes Disease patient that has been healed! Praise God for His many marvelous works! I have been greatly blessed by the teachings from Graham…


  2. Because of the exchange rate ( I am retired & live in SA) any amount I am able to give would amount to a few dollars. Father has blessed me through Graham’s inspired teachings beyond expectation & continues to do so… I have no doubt that Father will supply far above Graham’s needs through those He leads to give. Thank you Graham …. may you reap a harvest that exceeds far beyond what you could ask or dream of. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful opportunity to give back to Graham , who has consistently poured out so generously , to the Body of Christ . The Holy Spirit has transformed multitudes of lives , through Graham .


  4. A book that offers biblical insight into healing. And points out the spiritual roots that can cause disease called : Be in health by Henry W.Wright 🙂


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