Wednesday Special Offer for January 20, 2016

Life in the Kingdom is a process. We learn and mature, our identities become more clear to us as we develop a deeper relationship with the Father. In Growing Up In God, Graham goes in depth on the many phases of life with the Father and offers important revelation about partnering with the Holy Spirit in all new ways.

Growing Up in God
Until midnight tonight (PST) the Growing Up in God CD and MP3 are HALF-PRICE! This teaching is perfect for anyone looking to be more intentional in their relationship with the Father and begin journeying into deeper realms of the spirit. Check out Growing Up in God today before it’s too late!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Special Offer for January 20, 2016

  1. I opened your current e-mail that offers Growing Up With God for half price. I Live in Colorado and the e-mail special offerings don’t even come in until 11:32 PM. When I open it up the next morning the special is over. This is the second time I’ve written to you regarding this. Could you please extend the offers to the end of the NEXT day to help out those NOT living in California.


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