Intentional Prophecy


We’re all in Christ learning to become Christlike, and prophecy is part of that discipling process. Here’s the thing we have to learn, though, especially about prophecy amongst people we know. Spontaneous prophecy is the baby end of the gift of ministry. The Bible has got more to say about crafted prophecy, prophecy that is written down, prophecy that is rehearsed. We need to get into a habit of writing prophecies down, thinking about people, rather than just relying on spontaneous utterance. Of course, spontaneous prophecy has it’s place. In fact, once I was running through an airport and the Lord said, “I want you to prophesy over that person.” That’s totally spontaneous.

But when I’m living in fellowship, and I’m living in community, I think prophecy should not be spontaneous. It should be written, it should be crafted because it comes out of real fellowship when we sit down and we think about one another. We think about one another, we don’t just meet once or twice a week, do something spiritual and go home again.

Fellowship means we think about one another. We sit and we consider. I ask questions all the time to the Lord about my friends because I’m intrigued. I want to know. I’m in their story and part of their journey. I want to know what’s going on. I have files on all my friends! It’s true! The CIA has got nothing on me.

I’ve got files on all my friends. Why? Because I have all their inheritance words and I have copies of all of their prophetic words. So I read those things. Why? Because I want to know what’s coming up next, because I want my friendship to be intentional. I’m looking around the congregation. I’m looking around people that I know and love, and I’m seeing what is it they are going through right now? Who’s going through a tough time right now? Maybe they need a word of strengthening, a word of comfort. Who actually right now is maybe right on the cusp of something bigger? Then I want to be the one that pushes them into it! Who is struggling right now? Who needs a word of encouragement to stand up on the inside and see something in Jesus?

Our relationships, if they’re not intentional, what are they? Really, what are they? We need to think about fellowship with one another, but you have to think about fellowship with God. Sit down and think about “Who is God for me? What is God like? What am I discovering about His nature right now? What is it that I want God to be for me in this situation?”

When you start writing prophecy down and thinking about it and then looking at it and saying, “Okay, I can say that sentence better. How would that look if I said it like this…” and looking at it and reading it and crafting it, something will start to grow in you prophetically that you’ve never had.

With all of my key people that I know around my life, when I am prophesying I like to write them out and I like to send them snail mail. I like email sometimes, but I love getting a letter through the post. There is still nothing that can beat that.

I like those prophetic words to be like works of art because that’s what I think. When I read prophecy in the Scripture, it’s just amazing! The grammar, the syntax, everything is so carefully worded. I love that. It’s just a pleasure to read that, and I want to create prophetic words like that, like they are in Scripture, so full of power and significance, and deep, that they would apply to you on so many different levels. I love thinking like that. It’s time we gave the prophetic ministry a serious upgrade, and to do that we need to escape the trap of only ever being spontaneous in our prophetic gift.

–An excerpt from Making a Prophetic Impact

exploring_prophecy_cropMaking a Prophetic Impact is Graham’s newest and most in-depth CD teaching on prophecy. This series focuses heavily on the language of prophecy and how learning this language gives us context for what God is doing. Through the end of the month you can purchase Making a Prophetic Impact as part of the Exploring the Prophetic Combo which also includes the book Prophetic Wisdom. If you are ready to begin prophetic ministering, this combo will offer you invaluable upgrades and wisdom! Check it out today!



One thought on “Intentional Prophecy

  1. I’m so excited reading this. I am just a baby in the prophetic, but I’m so excited about it. And this! I have done this on occasion when asked for a word from a friend and it has been so amazing and powerful to see how God works when I hold the person in my heart for a few days. Then I pay attention to see and listen to what the Lord shows me, through situations, Scriptures, pictures or other means. I write it down in a letter format to give to them. To see this as a piece of art…. that just makes my heart sing!


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