Special Offers at Brilliant Book House for February 2016!

This month, In Focus and Brilliant Book House will be focusing on love and being the Beloved in Christ. Love is one of the most important truths to understand about life in the Kingdom; it is the Father’s gift to us in Christ.

Brilliant Book House offers a variety of teachings on love and the nature of God, but there are a few we feel best capture the reality of the love of the Father in a way that accessible for anyone who has been hurt or betrayed or simply needs some time to reconnect and renew their spirit.

Uncommon Love is Graham’s most definitive teaching on the love of the Father. Graham immediately identifies what common love is and then outlines how, by nature, the love of God is 100% different. We are to be loved in a way that is healing, releasing and uplifting. In His love we see ourselves as the Father sees us. He sees the best in us. He loves our potential. He has a plan for our freedom and our welfare that is wrapped in His goodness and kindness.

Uncommon Love White Crop.jpg

This series is perfect for anyone who has been struggling to understand the true nature of God and the depths of His passion for us. For the entire month of February Uncommon Love is available at a special price, $20 for the CD and $10 for the MP3. Don’t miss this brilliant teaching!


In addition to Uncommon Love, Brilliant Book House is also offering all the CDs in The Soaking CD Collection for $5 each. The Soaking CD Collection includes Clothed in His Presence, Prophetic Soaking, Rise Up a Warrior, and The Kind Intentions of God.


Devotional time with the Father is so important for refocusing, refreshing and remembering all God wants to be for you. You are His beloved. By listening to any of these devotional soaking messages you will encounter the Lord in a totally new way.

Shop for The Soaking CD Collection.



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