Wednesday Special Offer for February 3, 2016


Part of living an influential spiritual life is understanding the language of Heaven and allowing that language to influence every encounter you have. The language of Heaven is one of understanding and encouragement. In the Brilliant Influence Collection, Graham focuses on the importance of intentional communication and how it can make you a more effective leader and mentor.

Brilliant Mentorship/Leadership

The Brilliant Influence Collection includes two different teachings, Brilliant Mentorship and Brilliant Leadership. Brilliant Mentorship looks at leadership through the lens of process and supporting and encouraging the journey of others. Watch this video of Graham explaining his intentions behind Brilliant Mentorship:

The other message in The Brilliant Influence Collection is Brilliant Leadership. Brilliant Leadership considers leadership on a much broader scale. How can we cultivate a new leadership lifestyle that uplifts and empowers people? In this video, Graham explains a little bit about why it is so important to establish a breakthrough community and how Brilliant Leadership can help you begin mentoring in that way:

The Brilliant Influence Collection is only available until midnight tonight (PST) at Brilliant Book House. Whether you’re a church pastor, a group leader, a mother, father, friend or acquaintance, you have the power to help other people through hard times and into a BRILLIANT new understanding of God and what He wants for us all. If you think you’re ready to start changing lives, do not miss out on this CD set! 


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