Prophetic Soaking: Refresh & Renew through Devotional Time

Life can be busy, overwhelming and stressful when we don’t make time for fellowship with the Father. Soaking teachings are a great way to reconnect and refocus on the Father and all He wants to be for you. This month at Brilliant Book House all the soaking CDs in The Soaking CD Collection are available for $5 each.

Among those teachings is Prophetic Soaking—a quiet, uplifting message about all the Father’s love for you and His passion for who you are in the Kingdom. Listen to a clip of Prophetic Soaking:

Soaking teachings can be powerful tools for discovery about the Father’s love for you and how you are known in Heaven. The Lord wants to be pleased through you, so you should meet His desire and allow it to touch and transform you. Carol left this amazing testimony of her experience with Prophetic Soaking at Brilliant Book House:

It’s rare to find a spiritual tool so pure that we can lay down the defenses of our rational mind and allow our tender, childlike spirits to come out of hiding and fully engage in the experience. Graham’s soaking CDs are like that—utterly devoid of blame or shame, wonderfully safe, filled with hope.

When I first got Prophetic Soaking I was disappointed to find it recorded as one long segment instead of shorter portions – but that turned out to be a blessing, for I could not shortchange myself, but was compelled to immerse myself in the full 75 minute experience. I’m delighted that I did!

This soaking is a bit different from Graham’s others in that it is recorded live, while he is actively ministering. You can feel the anointing in his voice and it comes out of the speakers and surrounds you with supernatural Presence until you soar! Graham as an interface between us and God somehow disappears and it becomes a full-on encounter with the Lover of our souls. I was wrecked.

If you want to supercharge your own personal worship time, try doing this soaking first, then move into active worship. But be prepared, for you may find yourself still lost with Him when dawn breaks.



If you’re ready for a powerful, refreshing new way of approaching devotional time with the Lord, don’t miss out on this amazing message!

Shop for Prophetic Soaking.



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