God Is Always Faithful to Us


The Lord will always tell you the truth about how He sees you. Jesus said, I am the truth. The truth is a person, and when you see that person in reality, the truth of who He is for you, you will be set free from all the things that you are not. That’s the glory of being in Christ. Mercy and truth have met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other in your life and mine.

The Father doesn’t beat us up with the truth. He is not an evangelical! He extends the truth in mercy so that you can be adjusted by it, and you can discover His nature towards you as part of the lesson. The truth is the nature of God. We bear witness to the truth of what He is really, really like. The truth is always accompanied by grace, mercy, love, goodness and righteousness.

Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 16, Whom do the people say that I am? And He got back four distorted images. Some say that You are John the Baptist. Some say that You are Elijah or Elisha, one of the prophets. And He looked at them and said, But who do you say that I am? He is not asking the question because He has an identity crisis. He is asking the question to make sure that you don’t have one!

For every one of us, what you think about God is the single most important thing in the world. There is nothing more important than that. What you think about God is everything because it will drive everything in your life. Your opinion of God, what you perceive Him to be for you, is the most important thing in the universe. It’s the biggest question you will ever answer in your life. Who is God for you? Who do you say I am? Because on that revelation of Him in your heart He will build the church through you. The church is built on an individual and collective revelation of who God really, really is, and if we don’t get it ourselves, the world isn’t going to get it either.

The way we live is profoundly shaped by our picture of God. Are you a sinner who struggles to love God or are you a lover of God who struggles with sin? Who are you? The more you have a wrong view of God, the more religious and legalistic you will become. The truth about God’s essential nature will set us free to have incredible experiences of Him, and that leads to a knowledge of His manifest presence, which is your right because you are in Christ.

Above the truth, He is faithful. God loves to be faithful! The word in the Greek is ‘hesed’ and it means ‘a fixed and determined love.’ God has a fixed and determined love in His heart towards you. It’s a love that guards and keeps and watches over. It’s a love that preserves the life of one under attack. It’s covenantal faithfulness that does not desert or abandon another, and God’s affection for us is what makes the covenant. Time and again we see in Scripture God faithfully cultivating a relationship with Israel who does nothing but violate the covenant and rebel against Him. But in the New Testament, Christ is the covenant-maker.

The covenantal agreement is between the Father and the Son, not between God and you. Jesus is the covenant-maker, and with the Holy Spirit, He is the covenant-keeper. Hebrews 7:22, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant. Jesus in Himself is the guarantee of the covenant that you have with God.

The Father and the Son made a covenant together to deal with sin, to make a way once and for all to bring people into the presence of God, and the Father kept His promise by putting you into Jesus. So He put you into the one place where His covenant with you would always be kept, would always be fixed and ratified, and this arrangement can never change. That is why Jesus said, No one comes to the Father except through Me because I am the covenant-maker. He is the guarantee of a better covenant.

The phrase ‘in Christ’ is used eighty-eight times in Scripture. We come to God by means of Christ, and God is faithful to that covenant. He is delighted with that covenant, and He will always honor that covenant because He made the covenant with Jesus, not with you. That’s why it is fixed and it will always remain in place. Christ keeps the covenant on our behalf. We enter the covenant as participators of His grace. We are the joyful recipients of His faithfulness. No matter where we go or what we do, God will remain faithful to love us.

What does that mean? He will cultivate us out of our sin into a place of righteousness and holiness. That’s why He says to us I will never leave you or forsake you. That comment is actually more of a threat than a promise! It’s like God looks you in the eye and says, “If you think you are going to escape being loved by Me, you’d better think again because it just isn’t possible. Why? Because of who I am.”

–An excerpt from Uncommon Love


Uncommon Love White CropTo continue learning about the overwhelming nature of God and His perfect love, be sure to grab a copy of Uncommon Love while it’s on special offer this month at Brilliant Book House. Uncommon Love is a perfect resource for anyone who has been a victim of common love and wants to understand the faithfulness of God! We are to be loved in a way that is healing, releasing and uplifting. He sees the best in us. He loves our potential. He has a plan for our freedom and our welfare that is wrapped in His goodness and kindness. This teaching is Graham’s most succinct CD teaching on the nature of God and His all-encompassing love. Don’t miss it!


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