Wednesday Special Offer for February 10, 2016

Devotional time is so important for remaining in fellowship with the Father and remembering who you are to Him and how you came to be the Beloved. When your heart is engaged with His, you can rise above your circumstance and see yourself as a much-loved child in whom He is well-pleased.
The devotional soaking teaching Becoming the Beloved provides six gentle prophetic words about how you are known in Heaven and the depth of the Father’s affection for you. Until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase Becoming the Beloved for just $7.50!

Check out this video of Graham explaining how he was inspired to create Becoming the Beloved after several conversations with church-goers who were feeling they were stuck in performance-based thinking and their devotional time had lost its feeling of intimacy and authenticity:

Becoming the Beloved is incredibly soothing and reaffirming for anyone who is looking to connect with the Father at a new level and abide in His amazing love. If you’re ready to discover how you’re known in Heaven and what it means to be the Beloved of God, don’t miss this teaching! 


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