Wednesday Special Offer for February 17, 2016

Warriors advance in the Kingdom by having a keen understanding of the importance of rest and worship, as well as an awareness of who they are and how they are known in Heaven. Warriors know who God wants to be for them in any situation, and it is this knowledge that allows them to do battle with the enemy and always come out on top.

In The Overcoming Life Series, released in 2014, Graham looks at warfare from both a defensive and offensive angle. Defensively, warriors learn to find the joy in every circumstance and focus on thanksgiving and worship when they feel overwhelmed. Offensively, warriors know how to intimidate the enemy by always reflecting the majesty of God, proving His dominance over their lives. Warriors know how to attack the enemy from every angle and never become weary. They are always refreshed and always renewed by His spirit.

Until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase The Overcoming Life Series CDs or MP3s for half-price! So, if you’re ready to become more than a foot-solider and and all-new encounter of the nature of God, don’t miss The Overcoming Life Series!

The Overcoming Life

Shop for The Overcoming Life Series.


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