Be Constantly Refreshed by the Goodness of God

You are not ordinary. In the eyes of the Father you will never be anything but extraordinary. And you need to learn to live life here on Earth the way you are known in Heaven. Allow yourself to be seen the way the Father sees you. Learn to live your life bathed in kindness, and allow that to make you constantly refreshed.

When you see yourself the way the Father sees you, you will always be fit for battle because the enemy has nothing on you. When you learn to abide in the love and favor and majesty of God, every circumstance becomes an opportunity to become closer to the Father, to be lavished again in His unceasing kindness.

In The Kind Intentions of God, Graham unwraps many of the treasures of God’s kindness in a way that is relaxing and refreshing. Listen to a clip from The Kind Intentions of God:

The Kind Intentions of God and the rest of the Soaking CD Collection are on special offer through the end of February, and each soaking CD is just $5! Soaking CDs make great gifts and are a perfect way to get back into devotional time with the Father.
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