Soaking: How to Enter into Rest

Rest is a vital part of a rich, powerful spiritual life and it can also be one of the hardest habits to get into. Rest opens up a door for quiet communication with God where you can explore new depths of relationship with Him. In rest you can fully realize His heart for you and His plans for your future.

Soaking CDs are a great tool to help you access that place of peace and calm needed for intentional devotional time. Listen to Graham talk about the importance of soaking in this video:

Graham has a variety of soaking teachings available at Brilliant Book House, and until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase any of the soaking CDs in the Soaking CD Collection for just $5!
The Soaking CD Collection includes Clothed in His Presence, The Kind Intentions of God, Prophetic Soaking and Rise Up a Warrior. Each of these messages have a unique perspective on coming into a place of rest, but all of them will certainly refresh you as you contemplate new dimensions and new depths of habitation in the Spirit.

Shop for the Soaking CD Collection.


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