New at Brilliant Book House for March 2016

This March marks the 5th anniversary of The Art of Thinking Brilliantly conference in Vacaville, California. The Art of Thinking Brilliantly is Graham’s definitive teaching on mindsets and Kingdom lifestyles. This teaching has revolutionized the way so many people see how they are known in Heaven  and how to be ambassadors of the Kingdom here on Earth.The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

To celebrate The Art of Thinking Brilliantly’s 5th anniversary, we are offering this teaching at a discounted price all month long! For all of March you can purchase The Art of Thinking Brilliantly CD for just $20 or the MP3 for $10!

See Graham explain some of the truths you will uncover through listening to his message:


If you are ready to engage with God in an entirely new way, with a completely fresh perspective of who you are and how you are known, be sure not to miss this brilliant teaching.

Shop for The Art of Thinking Brilliantly.

In addition to The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, The Wisdom Series is also available at a discounted price for the month of March. Many of the topics covered in The Wisdom Series are derived from The Art of Thinking Brilliantly and expanded upon, making it the perfect companion series.

wisdom-series_3Each book contains 52 separate entries that range from inspiring quotes to in-depth essays on a variety of topics relating to Kingdom life, the nature of God and much more!

Each book in The Wisdom Series is only $8 all month or you can pick up the whole series for just $20!

If you want to develop a deeper spiritual life and a stronger relationship with the Father, don’t miss these brilliant series’!

Shop for The Wisdom Series.

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