Wednesday Special Offer for March 2, 2016

The only way we can truly experience the Presence of God is to understand the role and work of the Holy Spirit. We must develop a relational partnership with Him that covers every circumstance in life, warfare, crisis and opportunity.

In The Indwelling Presence, Graham discusses how we can consistently partner with the Holy Spirit and stay inline with God’s vision for our future so that we are constantly refreshed and always ready for the challenges and treasures the Father has in store for us.

Check out this BRILLIANT  review of The Indwelling Presence left by Carol at Brilliant Book House:

The One we primarily experience dwelling within us is the Holy Spirit – whom Graham calls, the “Resident Genius of Heaven.” Apparently He loves His job because He loves hanging out with us and loves talking about Jesus and making us like Him. In this CD Graham teaches us how to partner with the Holy Spirit in such a way that we have no stress because in Him we can choose peace instead. We don’t become anxious when we have a a problem because we are too busy being excited about all the wonderful things we are going to discover about God and ourselves in the midst of it.

It all comes down to delight. Because we are dead to our old self and free from sin, we are free to be delighted in learning how to be brilliant, amazing, astonishing, the Beloved, and a much-loved child. As we delight ourselves in the Lord He gives us the desires of our hearts. It is the Holy Spirit who enthusiastically goes about the work of making sure we get it!

As I listened and was reminded of how relentlessly for me God is, my spirit bubbled up in hope and gladness, and all the stresses of the day disappeared. A well-spent two hours!


Until midnight tonight (PST) you can pick up a copy of The Indwelling Presence for just $5! So, if you’ve been hoping to get a better grasp on what the Father wants to do in your life and are ready to establish a bold and powerful relationship with the Holy Spirit, don’t miss this teaching!

Shop for The Indwelling Presence.


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