Wednesday Special Offer for March 9, 2016

Once you realize how you are known in Heaven you will never be able to think negatively about yourself again. You have an identity in the Kingdom that God wants to establish in you. He wants you to speak, think and pray from this place, and He wants to go to battle with  you against every negative thought you’ve ever had about yourself.

Living Your Truest IdentityIn the teaching, Living Your Truest Identity, Graham explains the journey of discovering
how you are known in Heaven and how to use your new  identity to move into a powerful place of overcoming. Until midnight tonight (PST) Living Your Truest Identity is available on CD and MP3 for half price!

Check out this clip from Living Your Truest Identity about how God loves to be part of your process of learning and wants to help you love the process too:

This is a major development tool in the process of growing up into all things in Christ, don’t miss it! Shop for Living Your Truest Identity.


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