What’s the Frame for Your Life?


“Reframing helps people to reinterpret problems and find solutions by changing their frame of reference in which the problem is first perceived.”
~ Graham Cooke in “Reframing”, Session 2 of The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

 In addition to being a career architect, my father was an artist…a fairly good one. People passing his work at an art show often had to look twice to determine if it was a painting or a photograph. The subject matter was usually landscapes and I’m thankful that my home is now filled with those amazing works of art.

However, as soon as these paintings came into my possession, I knew where my next stop would be: the frame store.

While my father’s work was truly excellent, his ability to choose an appropriate frame was (in my opinion) very, very limited. Even though it was the 1970s and 80s, there really is no excuse for anything other than a massive Rembrandt at the Louvre to be placed in a heavy, gold crusted frame. Yet, those were the frames my father loved. Gold, black velvet trim and lots of carving.

The power of reframing became readily apparent the moment his beautiful Yosemite image settled into its new wood frame in my living room and his lovely lady-at-the-stream found a fresh white-washed border. It may have only been a frame, but it changed everything about the image inside of it.

The circumstances in our lives paint a picture of what is happening.
How we choose to frame that image impacts our perception of it.

What seems like a negative, when framed in thanksgiving, rejoicing and rest, can take on a whole different perspective. When life turns out differently than we expected, what if the very loss we’re stunned by ends up being the open door to something better?

This just happened to my family recently. As we worked to prepare a residence for sale, we thought we had the perfect person to handle it. But then, some serious issues came to light and poof…the deal evaporated. After that, four more prospects came and went. And just as there didn’t seem to be a viable option, my husband Randy asked a great question: What have we learned from working through each of these deals, even though none came to fruition? The answer was “a lot”. We had a long list of wisdom gained and a greater understanding of a business we didn’t have much prior experience in.

Then, he framed our situation perfectly by asking “What if God allowed all that because we needed a crash course in this area for everything that is ahead?”

Instead of being disappointed, I suddenly felt very grateful. Our current deal is on a small scale, but there are some big scale opportunities in front of us. We spent the next hour looking at what we had gained, who we wanted to be going forward, and most of all, God’s faithfulness, kindness and protection so far. It reframed everything. So….

What if that lost job makes way for a new opportunity you hadn’t considered?

What if that area that you failed in miserably reveals the next place God is delighted to give you an encounter with His joy, or strength, or peace?

Could it be that the delays of today are actually allowing you time to be trained for the challenges of tomorrow?

As Graham said in his session on Reframing in The Art of Thinking Brilliantly,

“The issue that is in front of us that is demanding our attention is never the issue from God. That is the issue the enemy wants you to handle, but behind that issue is the real issue. Every single situation, and problem, and adversity, and difficulty, and persecution, or whatever the challenges in your life are always about one thing and one thing only: They are about your relationship with God.”

Surrounding every situation before us as an opportunity to discover something about God that we’ve never seen before. To be loved, encouraged and empowered by Him in a way that couldn’t occur at any other time is a priceless frame for the masterpiece of development and relationship that He desires most.

–Allison Bown, Director of The Warrior Class


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4 thoughts on “What’s the Frame for Your Life?

  1. Great article. I believe my “reframing” reminds me to stay focused on the Author & Finisher of my faith, Jesus. I know that when I don’t have any specific leading at the moment, I can always stop & pray. The Lord’s Prayer, given to us by Jesus, helps me to meditate & realign my thinking. I need to be seeking Our Father, the Giver of all good gifts. My delight is in Him. Not the gifts. Holy Spirit is leading & teaching me to trust Him with all of my heart & lean not to my own understanding (Prov 3:5, 6 & Isa 11:1-5)
    I feel like I’m being put in a catapult & when The Lord releases me I will be supernaturally thrust forward for the Glory of God. It’s all about Him!


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