Review of the Month: Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings

secret-sayings-hidden-meanings copy.jpgSecret Sayings, Hidden Meanings is the first book in The Wisdom Series, and it was created with  busy people in mind. This book was designed so that anyone can easily incorporate devotional time into their schedule, whether it be in an airport,over  a quick lunch break or in between soccer practice and making dinner for the family. Devotional time is vital to a rich spiritual life and everyone should have a way of accessing it!

Alan, who left this review at Brilliant Book House couldn’t agree more! He said:

This is perfect for me. I travel constantly in my job. I’m always running between planes, hotels, and meetings. The beauty of this book is that not only are the insights profound, but it creates a space in my life to stop, think differently, and engage with The Lord in a practical and very focused manner.

It’s the first thing in my briefcase when I’m packing. We have four children under ten, so my wife is busier than me. She loves the idea of this book. It’s a breathing space for people on the go. It allows maximum engagement for minimum effort. sigh! Brilliant.

Topics in Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings include Kingdom authority, overcoming anxiety, alignment with the Father and so much more! All month at Brilliant Book House The Wisdom Series is available at a discounted price! Each book in The Wisdom Series is just $8, or you can pick up the full series for $20! These books are great to keep in your bag or briefcase when you have a few spare minutes to refresh and renew your spirit, removing some of the stress from the busyness of life! Don’t miss this book! 


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