Take Negative Thoughts Captive


Being in Christ banishes all negative thinking, all low self esteem, all weariness, and all passivity. Problems refresh you. Problems have a way of just blessing the socks off of you. Imagine if every problem was designed to make you feel refreshed. Wouldn’t that be just like God to take everything that the enemy wants to make you weary and use it to refresh you? God wants to do everything the opposite of what the enemy is doing. The enemy wants to make you tired, weary, fearful, anxious. God wants to make you rested, refreshed, joyful, and full of trust and “Yahoo, I love this life!”

Jesus said, Out of your innermost being shall flow rivers. He is so generous He is not content to give you one river, He wants to give you several. What if every problem is designed to refresh you and not make you weary, and not make you tired, and not make you anxious, but do the exact polar opposite? That would be good news. That would be the Gospel. That would be Heaven coming to earth because there is no weariness in Heaven, and you are connected. What if we are learning how to live a life above tiredness, above weariness? What if we are not designed to be empty, we are only designed to be full? Your starting place guarantees your outcome.

So our focus at the beginning is in being empowered in our thinking so that our emotions can become energized, otherwise our emotions are going to feed off all that negativity, and then we get into a place where “I don’t feel like doing this”, and “I don’t feel like doing that”, and our mind has talked us out of something. Our emotions and our thinking are conspiring against our spirit when they should be submitting to it.

You know when your emotions are running the show because your thinking is weak. A negative mindset establishes your inability, “I can’t do it. I’m no good. It’s too big. We are not strong enough. We are not big enough. We are not powerful enough. We feel like grasshoppers in our own sight”. What we are doing all the time is we are confessing to something that we are not rather than confessing to who we really are.

Jesus is in you. You stopped being scatty when He came in. You stopped being disorganized. You stopped being this thing that you attribute to your old nature because that is dead. You have a new nature. You need to start confessing in line with it. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, who empowers me, who enables me. There isn’t anything I can’t learn, and there isn’t anything I can’t do with the help of the Holy Spirit and six friends!

Don’t reinforce a negative. There is a difference between that which is true and that which is the truth. In Christ there is always a higher level of truth than the facts. Somethings may be true, but the truth sets us free. Speaking the truth in love is not about telling people all their shortcomings in the nicest possible way. “I am saying this in love, brother”. No you are not, you lying little toad!

Speaking the truth in love is not telling someone’s shortcomings as nicely as possible because that is not the truth. That is only true. But the truth is they are dead in Christ and all that stuff is done away. The truth is, “This is who you are in Jesus”, so when we are speaking the truth in love we are not putting someone down nicely, we are elevating someone brilliantly. We are saying to people, “You don’t need to be doing that because this is who you are”, and you speak the truth in love and you empower them. You make them want to become that person. “Dude, this is who you are; you are brilliant, you are this, you are this. This is who Jesus is for you. That is who Jesus is for you. You can do this because He is with you”, and you are speaking the truth in love because the Truth is a person, and His name is Jesus. So you are speaking Jesus to people when you speak the truth in love. “This is who Jesus is for you. This is why you are going to have an amazing, astonishing life. This is why God is going to lift you out of the ordinary into the extraordinary because no one can be ordinary in Jesus. It is not allowed! He is in you. One of His names is wonderful, so what does that make you? It makes you at least potentially astonishing”.

The starting place is the love that God has for us and our conviction about His purpose for us in the situation that we are in. The truth is every issue is already assigned an outcome that God has designed for you. The truth is He makes all things work together for good.

It is our privilege to take a negative thought captive to a better one. “Think again” is the essence of all repentance. If all your thinking has brought you to a place you don’t like, have another thought! It could just be the making of you. There is a better thought out there. Why don’t you go for the better thought? Stop wallowing around. You know where that thought is going to take you, so could you please change it?

–An excerpt from The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

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