Friends for the Journey: The Warrior Class

Warrior Class

The Warrior Class is Graham Cooke’s official intercessory prayer team and a developmental training community. Allison Bown is the Director of The Warrior Class and has been a close associate of Graham’s and an invaluable part of the Brilliant community for many years. It is her passion to bring together likeminded individuals who wants to explore the Kingdom together, unearth new treasure, and fight as warriors, not foot-soldiers.

The Warrior Class is a group of  men and women who recognize at least one of Graham’s Kingdom Assignments as their own. Their passion for this fight brings purpose to their learning and praying, not only for Graham’s ministry, but in their own relationships with God.

If you are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic community to experience the Kingdom and explore new realms of the Father’s passion for you, The Warrior Class is an incredible resource that will allow you to learn and grow at your own pace while providing you with support and pushing you to grow.

For more information on The Warrior Class training program and how to apply, please visit


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