New at Brilliant Book House for April 2016!

Brilliant Book House has new digital content! Graham’s comprehensive journal series The Way of the Warrior is now available for purchase as an eBook for any phone, tablet or Kindle!

ebookseries.jpgThe Way of the Warrior Journal Series will show you what it’s like to live a life captivated by majesty. There is a place in the Spirit set aside for us where we can make the enemy confused. We weary him by our rest. We discourage him by our faith. We demoralize him with our joy. We depress him by our endurance. He is dispirited by our favor; defeated by our grace.
Each of these books contains activations and commissions to help guide you on your journey from a foot-solider into a confident, fearless warrior who knows their place in the Kingdom.

Shop for The Way of the Warrior eBooks.

Additionally, the print versions of The Way of the Warrior Journals will also be on sale as well as The Way of the Warrior CD Series!


We are learning to work with God who schedules our conflicts so that we can practice the art of overcoming. Warriors know how to maintain focus and always have the tools to always call up the majesty and supremacy of God. With the teachings from The Warrior Series you will always be fresh for the fight!

If digital content isn’t for you, be sure to order a physical copy while they are available at a discounted price!

Shop for The Way of the Warrior books and CDs.


Allison Bown, Director of The Warrior Class published her first book, Joyful Intentionality almost a year ago. Now it is available for download as an eBook at Brilliant Book House!
Joyful Intentionality was written to not only give encouragement, instruction and joyful_intentionality_cropinspiration in a “passion-filled life on purpose”—but to provide practical questions and activations that you can customize to take any truth and make it a lifestyle. It addresses some of the specific mindsets of Joyfully Intentional thinking that displace a duty-bound perspective. And there’s lots of real-life examples to encourage you and real-world experiences that you can explore and make your own.
This book was written to encourage and equip you for an experience of God that is transformational, rich and lasting. This book is now available in print and for your phone, tablet or Kindle. Check it out!

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