Wednesday Special Offer for April 13, 2016

Do you know what it means to be kept? Did you know that God strategically places keepers in our lives and aligns us to be keepers of others? To be a keeper means to always be considering someone’s best interest, to always be willing to give your best for someone else. God gives us people like these to give us a glimpse of what it is to be kept by Him.

In times of warfare and hardship, God is still our keeper. It is up to us to develop a better understanding of His nature and trust Him to always be  our fortress and ourGodKeepingPower.jpg refuge. In God’s Keeping Power, Graham Cooke writes about the significance of keepers in the physical world and explains the impact of God’s keeping power over all of us.

Until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase God’s Keeping Power for half price! That’s just $3.50 for a print copy or $2.50 for the eBook version! This journal is a unique perspective on the nature of God that will accelerate growth and help you establish a greater relationship with the Father. Check it out today!


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