Join a Dynamic Community of Intercessors Who are Joyful & Passionate

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Five years ago Allison Bown set off on the journey of creating The Warrior Class. The Warrior Class is an intercessory prayer team for Graham Cooke and his ministry, and more than that is a community of people who are learning to walk with God at a deeper level.

The Warrior Class is a joyful group of people, living all around the world, who have decided to come together and support one another in becoming world class warriors leading a brilliant life with God.

Check out this video where Allison describes how The Warrior Class works:

If you want to be a part of a passionate, powerful community of intercessors and friends, consider applying to be a member of The Warrior Class. Learn more here.


2 thoughts on “Join a Dynamic Community of Intercessors Who are Joyful & Passionate

    • Hi Rosalinda,

      All Warrior Class training is available online and through group conference calls. All onsite opportunities for meeting with Warrior Class members are great opportunities, but they are optional, not required (Training Days at Brilliant Events, Ignite Workshops, local gatherings).

      For more information about The Warrior Class, visit the FAQs page.

      Thanks and have an awesome day!


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