Wednesday Special Offer for April 20, 2016

This month Team Brilliant is focused on spiritual warfare and sharing its resources for how move from being a foot-soldier of the Kingdom to a warrior who always knows the Father’s intentions and lives their life with that in mind.

That’s why until midnight tonight (PST) at Brilliant Book House you can purchase Graham’s most recent series on spiritual warfare, The Overcoming Life Parts 1 and 2 for just $20 each on CD and $10 each as an MP3.

The Overcoming Life
The Overcoming Life takes a unique look at warfare from both defensive and offensive angles. Defensively, warriors learn to find the joy in every circumstance and focus on thanksgiving and worship when they feel overwhelmed. Offensively, warriors know how to intimidate the enemy by always reflecting the majesty of God, proving His dominance over their lives. Warriors know how to attack the enemy from every angle and never become weary. They are always refreshed and always renewed by His spirit. If you want a new experience of kingdom living that will always leave you refreshed and ready for the fight, don’t miss this series!


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