Intimacy Intimidates the Enemy


A spiritual warrior knows that our capacity to approach God and to receive mercy will be one of the most distinguishing features of our walk in the spirit. It’s so brilliant on days just to let the mercy of God overwhelm your heart. To let the goodness of God fill up all your internal spaces in your heart, in your head, in your circumstances. It is this boldness in being able to come to God; it’s our sense of expectation that actually is going to be a huge inspiration to other people.

We are so welcome to come to God, and the Holy Spirit is going to help us tread a well-worn path into God’s presence. The grace of God will overwhelm us many, many, many times, and I hope you understand that: that it is your pleasure to be overwhelmed by God. We are not here to be overwhelmed by life, by circumstances, by the wickedness of people, by what the enemy is trying to accomplish. We are here to be overwhelmed by Who God is for us, and there is a supreme confidence in God’s nature which, when combined with our humility, grants us this great and continuous access because we know that we belong to God and we have an utter conviction that we belong in His presence. Warriors therefore practice looking at the face of God. They want to live just one more day under His smile.

Truth is, in warfare we don’t seek the enemy; we are seekers of God. As God comes to us the enemy seeks us out. When you walk with Jesus you partake of all the warfare He provokes, but we are people of His presence. He is a warrior king. He loves a good fight and He loves to laugh at His enemies. In His presence we posses all the authority and resources to fight a good fight and not lose. Think of it this way, we are condemned to victory in Christ. What a great thought.

We are not fighting for victory we are fighting from victory. The battle has already been fought. The battle has already been won by Jesus on the cross. Therefore, truly, this fight is not ours to win. It’s ours to lose. He has already provided us the victory. We need to learn how to stand; how to live in Him because if we don’t learn those incredible disciplines then we will lose every fight we encounter. If you don’t make allowances for winning you’ve already talked yourself into losing.

But you know what? The real battle facing us is not for cities. It’s not for nations and it’s not for territory. The real battle is for intimacy with God. There are so many distractions in life and to come to a place where we are intimate with Him on a daily basis that’s increasing. Where, like Jesus, we only do what the Father is doing. We only say what He’s saying. Our meat and drink is to do the will of Him who sends us. We are preoccupied with who God is for us. I think there is a level of intimacy that comes in the throne room, that comes in our daily conversations and walking with God.

There is a different type of intimacy that comes on the battlefield when we stand in Christ. The problem right now, I think, in the church is that intimacy always breaks down when we are under sustained attack. We need to learn to be intimate with Christ in the refuge, to be intimate with Christ in the fortress, to be intimate with Christ in the high tower. There is a loving intimacy that hides us in Christ before the enemy. There is an intimacy that comes to us through the cross. There is an intimacy that comes through resorted holiness. There is an intimacy that comes as we give ourselves to discipline, obedience, and sacrifice. There is an intimacy that comes through serving. There is an intimacy that comes through son-ship.

One thing is needful: that we learn to be intimate with Christ in the secret place and that we can find that secret place when we are under intense pressure. So, question: what current intimacy is God working in you right now? What is the one needful thing that you should be doing right now with the help of the Holy Spirit? What is your current distraction? What is preventing intimacy from developing right now? We must come to a place where we can say the sprit of the Lord is upon me for favor with God and vengeance on the enemy.

–An excerpt from The Way of the Warrior CDs

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5 thoughts on “Intimacy Intimidates the Enemy

  1. Graham. Your ministry is the most incredible that I’ve ever experienced. My mind began transformation the first time I heard you speak. All the religious wrong thinking and charismatic junk has been erased from my thinking. I’m eternally grateful!!!! Hallelujah.
    Only one whom spends time in intimacy could think and live an abundant overcoming lifestyle. Thank you so much!


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