Led by the Spirit


Being conscious of what God wants to do aligns us with Him and builds our resistance to the schemes of the enemy. As we resist what the devil wants to do, a desire forms to utterly defeat him. A passionate love for Jesus, combined with an intense hatred of the enemy, pushes us into alignment with the Holy Spirit. In the busyness of everyday life, we can sometimes drift into spiritual unconsciousness, sleeping through everything God is doing around us. But the Holy Spirit can bring us back in a split second; we just have to ask Him.

When the Holy Spirit is active within us, the fruit of self-control will always neutralize our flesh. We follow the Holy Spirit — He doesn’t follow us. We are learning to be led by Him, especially in character issues. God wants us to live in an internal calm that produces harmony that flows to other people.

The oil of the Holy Spirit is indispensable for us. It keeps us moving forward, aligned with God’s purposes. It is through alignment that we prove ourselves ready for more. He does not respect incompatibility. The Holy Spirit has too much purposefulness to be sidetracked by our intransigence. Often when we resist God’s grace, He allows us to be diminished simply by not giving us more anointing. The level of anointing we currently possess can be reduced by lack of forward momentum. As we know from Matthew, Chapter 25, it is totally embarrassing when the oil runs out!

We are each responsible for our own alignment. We need to cultivate the joyful discipline of being led by the Spirit. No one can take our alignment from us, but we can choose to let it go. We should not rely on other ministries to supply the oil of anointing over our lives. We cannot keep relying on other people to give us revelation; we can get it for ourselves. Aligning with God is our own responsibility.

At a conference in Iowa, a man asked me to pray for the anointing of God to be restored. I asked him how he had lost it in the first place. His reply was that it did not matter now. Something had caused him to lose it a long time ago, and he wanted it back. The only person who can rob us of the anointing is us! The enemy will help us, of course. However, we have let go of God’s provision. We can do that by default or deception. In default, we allow ourselves to be robbed because we are too casual with what the Father has bestowed. If we do not value what the Father has given, we will let go of it.

We can also be deceived by the enemy into allowing the anointing to diminish. We allow circumstances to increase until we are made small. We feel like a grasshopper facing the giants [Numbers 13: 32–33]. The enemy can magnify too.

Think of a car without oil. Now, think of an engine with the oil plug removed. We pour oil in, and it flows straight out. Unless the plug is restored, all the oil in the world has no effect.

Unless we repent for the specific reason that caused us to lose the anointing, we cannot be adequately re-filled. When I asked the man to consider his place of repentance, he declined and became angry. There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom of God. We cannot get around the work of the Cross.

–An excerpt from Coming into Alignment

For more resources on alignment be sure to check out Coming into Alignment, part of The Way of the Warrior Series. The Way of the Warrior Series is on special through the end of April.


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