Question of the Month with Graham Cooke


I think the truth about hearing the voice of God is that we are going to get it wrong on days. We’re going to mishear; our own motives are going to get in the way, life’s events and circumstances are going to get in the way and we’re going to mishear. We think we’ve nailed something in terms of permission and in terms of the will of God and it doesn’t work out for us. Sometimes we just have a disconnect and we’re not aware of it. We think we’re powering up but we have a loose wire somewhere, something we missed. 

Have I misheard the voice of God on occasion? Definitely. But my take on it is that it’s not going to stop me from wanting to pursue the voice of God and the will of God in the future. In fact it spurs me to be more attentive. For me one of the issues was to not wait on the Lord for a particular situation but to learn to wait on Him in life, but to learn to listen for His voice even if I wasn’t inquiring about anything. It made me want to practice relational conversations with Him rather than just conversations about issues where I would sit and wait and listen and try to hear him. It made me realize that if I practice the voice of the Lord, and the mind of the Lord, and the will of God in a relational capacity and not just a situational one that I would probably discern His voice differently.

Often we go through life and there’s a lot of background noise, there are a lot of voices and clutter swirling around us. We need to practice being still. We need to practice waiting on the Lord. We need to practice listening. We need to practice discerning the voice of the Lord. If you know the whispers of God, you are more likely to hear the rest of the ways in which He communicates. Listening for the voice of the Lord isn’t a discipline, it’s a delight. So, just like a mother knows intuitively the voice of her own child and can pick that voice out anywhere, we, in the same way, need to learn how to discern the voice of the Lord. 

Mishearing God is the same as with any other disappointment in the sense of feeling like you didn’t get it right. The important thing is jumping into a place of thanksgiving. Jump into a place of rejoicing and say, “Lord, I apologize I got it wrong, but I want to learn how to hear your voice more clearly. I know that you’re always more willing to speak to me than I am to hear your voice. So let me have the same intentionality to listen as you have to speak. I trust that somewhere down the line I will get it right more times than I don’t. But I want to hear your voice in a normal day-to-day. I want to be expectant about your voice. I want to learn all the ways you speak. I want to learn the shout of God, the whisper of God and everything in between.”

For more resources on developing your prophetic voice through alignment with the Father, be sure to check out Making a Prophetic Impact.


3 thoughts on “Question of the Month with Graham Cooke

  1. Thank you so much Graham! As always such a fresh perspective to stretch and grow! Your awesome! Such a blessing to my else of and the body of Christ!


  2. I think I misheard Him today, I’ve felt so discouraged. This helps immensely because it’s giving me permission to move forward, to dust off my sword and keep going, only in eternity can you possibly know the depth of encouragement this is to me in this moment of trial and desperation.


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