Wednesday Special Offer for May 4, 2016

When the Father looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong with you. He only sees Himself in you and where you need more of His influence in your life. It is our job and our delight to stand in Christ at all times and accept all the love, grace and favor He has for us. In The Missing Piece, Graham speaks specifically on how to abide in Christ so that our lives can become an ongoing encounter with Heaven. Today at Brilliant Book House you can purchase The Missing Piece CD or MP3 for half-price!

Check out this clip from The Missing Piece: 

The CD version of The Missing Piece includes a bonus The Missing PieceDVD which features interviews with some of Graham’s
close associates, singer-songwriter Christa Black and speaker  Jonathan Jackson. Both the CD and MP3 version include the prophetic soaking session “Soaking in the Beloved”, that is a brilliant resource for entering into rest and fellowship with the Father. This Missing Piece is only on sale until midnight tonight (PST) so be sure not to miss it! 


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