Registration is open for The Epiphany!


It is our heart’s greatest desire and our absolute delight to begin thinking about the world —and all of its circumstances — the way Jesus thinks about them. By learning to engage at a deeper level and trusting His heart for who we are meant to become will make us unstoppable. It will change the world. We are bold. We are fearless. We are ecstatic about bringing the Kingdom down to Earth and stepping into our heavenly identities.

The Epiphany will give you a revelation of God’s goodness, majesty and favor so huge life will never be the same. Join us this September in Anaheim, California to discover the Truth about how you are known in Heaven and what life on Earth can look like when we are refreshed and renewed by consistent, intimate fellowship with the Father.

Early-bird registration is now open for The Epiphany and lasts through July 8! Early0bird registration will get you $20 off the regular price for one registrant, or $10 off the price per registrant in groups of two or more! We look forward to seeing you there.

Register today.

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