Review of the Month: Becoming the Beloved

This month at Brilliant Book House, we are encouraging our fans to find new ways of abiding in God and engaging at a deeper level. One of the most important ways to connect with the heart of the Father is through rest and Graham has developed several resources to help you do just that!

Becoming the Belovedbecomingthebeloved.jpg is one of Graham’s best-loved soaking teachings that features six prophetic words spoken over gently playing music. Check out what Nance had to say about this brilliant teachings over on the BBH site:

I got this set early in 2011 and played it at least 20 times over (some tracks even more) since then. Since the beginning of this year, people remark on how my life is radically changing, marked by the Favor of God, and I attribute this shift to the empowering grace of God Who helps me choose to turn to the tracks in THIS CD, then agree with who the Lord says I am through Graham. I needed  some concentrated nutrients in my daily “spiritual I.V. drip” and found them right here! No fluff here, all Word of God paraphrased into love notes to The Bride.

One of the most amazing qualities of this CD is how it carries an impartation. If you have never heard in your spirit the Voice of The Lord singing over you, I recommend getting this CD, making a part of your steady spiritual diet, and inviting the Holy Spirit to open your ears to how loved you are. It is happening to me, as I am steadily being renewed in the spirit of my mind, and daily more convinced that I am The Beloved of The Lord. Come lay down by still waters, and drink deep!

Becoming the Beloved is available for download or as a physical product and includes both a CD and a short companion workbook. If you are looking to understand what it truly means to live as the Beloved of God, don’t miss this teaching!


One thought on “Review of the Month: Becoming the Beloved

  1. I have purchased this and it is wonderful and also have shared it with others as I listened to this it changed my thinking and my day.


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