Glorying in the Fatherhood of God

Becoming the Beloved is a Devotional Soaking teaching which includes six prophetic words spoken over softly playing music. Glorying in the Fatherhood of God is one of the prophetic words from Becoming the Beloved:

I know everything about you. All things are open to me; your life is an open book, easy for me to read. I know which chapter of your life you are in right now. I also know the chapters that are to come. I know you, and I understand you. I am acquainted with every single thought, action and emotion that you have. I understand you a thousand times better than you understand yourself. You are unaware of how much I protect you and keep you. I have put a hedge of my love around you. My hand is upon you. You need to believe this, and then you will experience it at work in your life.

Allow my Spirit to touch you with the wonder of my love. Allow your heart to be touched by my excitement for you. I am a God full of delight and joy. My happiness fills all things and upholds all things. Fix your heart on my heart. Your prime motivation is to know Me and to worship Me. Worship is a key for you. Worship is the door by which you enter my Presence and experience the fullness of My love and grace.

You cannot escape from my Presence. I am everywhere at the same time—where will you go? I see equally well in the dark or the light… no one can hide. My hand can lead you equally well in light or darkness. It will hold you… always! You are precious to me. I have known you always, forming you at the earliest moment of your existence. I viewed you in the womb. I saw you when you were born. Before you gave your first cry, I planned for you to know me.

Glory in my Fatherhood. I am delighted with all my children finding pleasure and joy in everyone. I know that you need to change, and that you want to be different. Be at peace; change will come. Even now I am working to change you from one degree of glory to another. I love the process of change; I love doing new things. I have such plans for you. I am excited for you. I love you deeply. Endless are my thoughts for you, too many for you to number and so varied! Always you are with me. You do not lose my Presence—that is impossible. Have I not said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you?” I cannot lie! I am holy and blameless. You cannot lose my Presence—only the consciousness of it, and that is easy to regain. Come then, and relax in my love. Let me do something for you. I am perfectly capable of it! Now is the time to see your life in perspective. I knew you in the womb, when you were unformed substance. I gave you shape and definition, adding personality, temperament. As you grew up I watched you. I saw where people did not love and care for you and where that changed your personality. I saw you become defensive and withdrawn to protect yourself.

Now I say to you, let Me love you. Drop your defenses to me and lay down all the barriers. Open the gates that I may enter in. I can do anything, change everything. This is not a time to hide, but a time for release. I always see the end from the beginning. I was there at the start, I will be there at the end. All the days of your life I am present. You are in my heart as I am in yours. We are inseparable, joined together by the Cross. United in sacrificial love.

Thought Points:
  • What would it mean for you to be touched by wonder? How would it change the way that you engage with life?
  • What is it about you that the Lord finds precious? Describe what He sees.
  • God loves change and process. What would you most love to change about yourself?
  • How will you regain the consciousness of God’s presence in your life?
  • What defenses have you raised against the loving-kindness of God?
    How will you pull them down? What is involved?

Becoming the Beloved and all the other Devotional Soaking teachings were rereleased this month with an upgraded, sleek design as well as for digital download. Be sure to check them out at Brilliant Book House.


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