Wednesday Special Offer for May 18, 2016

Wilderness experiences are most often associated with trials, tribulation, and weariness. Who wants to be in the wilderness when they could be in the Promised Land? But time in the wilderness is a fundamental part of building faiAWITW.jpgth and understanding the desires and intentions of God. In the 4-part series, A Way in the Wilderness, Graham details specifically how to not only to endure wilderness experiences, but to enjoy them!

Until midnight tonight (PST) A Way in the Wilderness CD and MP3 are both half-price! If you or someone you know are struggling to understand a difficult circumstance, this teaching will be a blessing in how to see God’s intentions for you and all the positives available in what seems like a negative situation. This deal is only available until midnight tonight, so be sure not to miss out!


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