Perception Is the Source of All Breakthrough

Thinking with God is a Devotional Soaking teaching which includes six prophetic words spoken over softly playing music. Perception Is the Source of All Breakthrough is one of the prophetic words from Thinking with God:


My heart is so full when I look at you in My Beloved Son. I rejoice, says the Lord, that all My desire for you is fully focused on your identity in Jesus. I love strategic life exchange. To replace sin with righteousness; old man with new; bad habits with good responses. I cherish your freedom. We adore all our interactions with you in Jesus and delight in you finding your life in Him. When I focus on any impediment in your life it is not because I am ashamed or angry. On the contrary, it is to point with joy to the place of your next miracle.

All confrontations between the flesh and the spirit are a source of joy to Me. I AM THE DELIVERER! I love setting you free, making you clean and forming Christ in you. What We see in you is the source of your breakthrough. It is the launch pad for every victory. It is your glad tidings of great joy. You live, move and have your being in the Beloved Son with all the promises and provisions that are appointed to Him for you.

This is your time to align only with My perceptions of you and My delight in you. I am elated that the old you is dead, and I am overjoyed at all My dealings with your true self in Jesus. Your alignment with My perception of you will cause you to enter a more radical partnership with My favor. We are gladly upgrading your identity so that you can break through every obstacle that is against you. My perception of you brings new thinking, a different language and a fresh way of living.

Life reflects the place where you live in Me, not the place that you default to because of your circumstances. Let your heart be stirred. You are a new creation; your perception must align with the Truth of who you are in Me. I am calling your mind to pay attention and learn to be compatible with My thoughts towards you. It will produce a rest and a joy in you. I am wonderfully in control.  When your self control goes to the same place as your alignment, then nothing can stop you from overcoming.

You are free to check out your dreams, visions and prophetic words. Explore the scriptures that I have put on your heart. They all reflect My perception of your identity and placement in Jesus. This is your time to rise up and shake off every negative thought and word. I want you to understand My vision of you. Ask and keep on asking for wisdom, and I will give you a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of your identity in Jesus.

Beloved, never allow yourself to be conformed to a negative when I have released such provision for your ongoing transformation. When your perception is in alignment with mine, you see all that I see over you. This is the basis for all renewal, breakthrough and transformation. Truth creates a fresh encounter and experience in the Spirit. There are so many encounters that I want you to have; so many rich experiences that are part of your inheritance. When you rethink your assumptions, your fresh conclusions lead you into new encounters with My fullness. You are not designed for measure. Embrace My perception and a new space will open up for you in the Spirit.

Thought Points:

  • When was the last time your thinking in God was a source of joy to you? Go back to that place. What was happening?
  • The Father deals with you on Earth in the way that He deals with Jesus in Heaven. What does that mean to you as you contemplate being in Christ?
  • What would it look like for you to live every day under God’s delight in you? What new thoughts and language would be developed in you?
  • What has been spoken over you and revealed to you concerning your identity and destiny in Christ? What new alignments are now possible under the Father’s perception of you?
  • What will be your next encounter with God? What is stirring in your heart?

Thinking with God  and all the other Devotional Soaking teachings were rereleased this month with an upgraded, sleek design as well as for digital download. Be sure to check them out at Brilliant Book House.


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