Question of the Month with Graham Cooke


How do you seek the Lord when He never leaves nor forsakes you?

What it means to seek the Lord is that you look for Him with joy and delight in every situation you encounter. It’s as if you say, “It’s impossible for me to have a situation where God is not present.”

We are a habitation of God in the Spirit. There is something to be discovered and to be explored every day of our lives. Our whole culture, our whole mindset, encounter, our experiences, our perspectives are based on habitation, not visitation. Because God is with me, I can do all things in Christ.

So, the first thing to do is any situation is to look for the presence of Jesus and then stand where He is standing and have a conversation. It is important to seek out that reality because Christ is in us, and therefore, He is in every situation we are in. This is how we can find Him in the way that He wants to be found.

The reason you get lots of different circumstances is because God wants to pop up differently in your life so He gives you a lot of different opportunities. Some situations will be about developing patience. Some will be about developing peace. He will be the Prince of Peace. He wants to be exactly what you need in that situation, so what you are seeking when you seek the Lord isn’t if He is present, you are seeking out exactly what He wants to be for you in the particular situation.

For more material on habitation and abiding in Christ, be sure to check out Graham’s teaching series The Art of Thinking Brilliantly.


One thought on “Question of the Month with Graham Cooke

  1. That’s a good question . Now I have another- how do we find more of God when he already is within us and we’re filled with all the fullness of God ?? So we already have it . How do we find that within us ? How is it released ? Or how should we ask that question ?


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