Under the Pressure of Peace

What if faith is about the joy and peace in believing?

There are key areas of our lives that are under constant attack. In each area God is developing us to respond to Him joyfully in the pressures of life and warfare.

What if peace is actually the biggest pressure you can ever have? What if God wants you to feel the joyful, wonderful pressure of being the Beloved? What if faith is about the joy and the peace in believing? Peace is an equalizing pressure on the inside. You may have 1000 pounds per square inch of pressure from the outside, but peace is 1001 pounds of pressure on the inside to be still.

I like the pressure of peace. I like the pressure of being happy. I like the fact that if I practice patience, the enemy comes under pressure. That’s thrilling! I like the fact that the joy of the Lord is abundantly more powerful than any stress or pressure.

So, what if the answer to some situations is either to laugh out loud because God is good, or to stand in the peace of God because He is peaceful? The real you is never stressed. The real you is learning to be peaceful and whenever you practice the nature of God, the enemy gets a headache. Peace affects him! Joy affects him! Grace affects him! Faith scares him! Everything that God is for us is automatically effective against the enemy.

It is significantly easier to defeat the enemy by resting the Lord than by exercising authority. There is something about being in Jesus that has to become utterly magnificent for us. This is part of learning to see things in a Kingdom way. We’re learning to see what this Kingdom is and why He is the King.

–An excerpt from The Overcoming Life Part 1

This month also marks the two-year anniversary of the premiere of The Overcoming Life Part 1! As a way of celebrating we are offering a discount on both The Overcoming Life Part 1 and Part 2 CD and MP3s.



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