Powerful Truth Brought to Life: The Epiphany 2016

There is a dream in the heart of every believer to know Jesus so powerfully that their life would change forever — All the struggle and striving would disappear. The laughter and stillness of God would be normal, absolute goodness at work, always.

There is a longing in our hearts to walk by faith as simply as we could walk by sight — To engage constantly with a God who never leaves.

We want to be confident, assertive and bold in who we are becoming in the Lord. We want to see life and people in the same way as Jesus, to practice the way He thinks about everything. We want to look at life, not just as a challenge or a test, but as an extraordinary opportunity to be made in God’s image.

Join us in Anaheim this September for The Epiphany where these powerful truths will be brought to life in a tangible, empowering way! If you plan to attend The Epiphany mention it on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #TheEpiphanyIsComing


If you register to attend before the end of June you will be entered into a drawing for a free night at The Hyatt Regency Orange County! We can’t wait to see you there.


One thought on “Powerful Truth Brought to Life: The Epiphany 2016

  1. John and I are praying for you and for us as we come to The Epiphany. We are excited, a little nervous but anticipating what the Lord has for all of us. It will be our first ever Graham Cooke event.


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