Letting Go of Baggage


Often the baggage that we carry around the most was given to us by people who don’t see who we really are. Someone said about a dear friend of mine, “You don’t want to be involved with that person. He’s got too much baggage.” I can’t accept that, not for a believer, not for anyone. So my response was, “I don’t think he has any baggage. I think he has luggage that he hasn’t unpacked yet.”

Baggage is like going on vacation to the Florida Keys when your bags have been packed by your worst enemy, and when you get to the hotel and you’ve got a great room overlooking the beach, you unpack your suitcase and it’s full of Arctic polarwear! Your bags have always been packed by somebody else.

Some of the baggage we have was given to us by other people, and we accepted it, and we carried it around and it became part of our personality, but no more!

You can’t have that and be in Christ. When Christ comes into you, He’s getting rid of all your baggage. That’s what the Cross is! The Cross is like baggage claim. Why don’t you just leave all that stuff there? You don’t want to claim all that baggage. He claimed it. He claimed all your baggage. He died for all that stuff. All the things that have been done to you, He died for that. That means He’s got a claim on your baggage. So He wants it, He doesn’t want you to have it. He wants to give you some luggage.

What’s luggage? Luggage is Scripture. Luggage is promises. Luggage is prophecy. God gives you something and says, “This is who you are. This is what I’m doing in you. This is who you’re going to be. This is what we’re going to do together.”

Your behavior is your baggage. Your identity is your luggage. There is something in your life that you need to unpack, that you need to explore, that you can say, “That’s not me. This is me, and I like all those things! I’m going to explore every single one of them because my life depends on it.”

Many of us, in the things that have happened, have been captured by a wrong mindset about God and about ourselves. So we’ve learned to live with rejection, and unworthiness, and low self-esteem.

You can’t have any negative terminology about yourself. It’s not allowed! All negativity died on the Cross. It doesn’t belong in your life, and you get the joyful lifestyle of making war on all forms of negativity with a big grin on your face. We get to overcome by experiencing the nature of God. We get to stop being present-past, and start being present-future because the Cross has dealt with the past.

Present-past means you’re allowing something from the past to affect you in the present. The Cross delivers you from the past. And then He sets you free to understand who you are in the present and who you are becoming in the future, so we become present-future. Present-past finishes at the Cross, present-future starts in resurrection. Jesus has dealt with our past, and we are resurrected into a new man so that we become present-future, reaching forward to what lies ahead, present-future.

So, in the debate between baggage and luggage, you’ve only got luggage!

–An excerpt from The Overcoming Life Part 1

This month also marks the two-year anniversary of the premiere of The Overcoming Life Part 1! As a way of celebrating we are offering a discount on both The Overcoming Life Part 1 and Part 2 CD and MP3s.


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