Wednesday Special Offer for June 8, 2016

One of the key elements of living an influential spiritual life is understanding the language of Heaven and allowing that language to influence every encounter you have. The language of Heaven is one of understanding and encouragement. Graham’s teaching, Brilliant Mentorship, focuses on the importance of intentional communication through a lens of process and support that empowers the journey of others. Until midnight tonight you can order a copy of Brilliant Mentorship for just $6!

In this clip from Brilliant Mentorship Graham talks about the importance of intimacy in fellowship and how intimacy can only be achieved through trust and faith:

BrilliantMentorshipUntil midnight tonight (PST) the Brilliant Mentorship CD series is just $6! Whether you’re a church pastor, a group leader, a mother, father, friend or acquaintance, you have the power to help other people in their journey into a fresh understanding of God and what He wants for us all. If you feel called toward mentorship in someone’s life, Brilliant Mentorship is a BRILLIANT starting place.



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