What Does God See When He Looks at You?


When God looks  at you, what does He see? What if He sees His majesty in you? What if He sees Himself? What if He put Jesus into you…Oh, wait! He did!

All of Heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. So He put you into Jesus to give you a taste of majesty. Because of this, it’s no longer viable for us to concentrate on what we are not. That’s a poverty spirit. A poverty spirit is not about economics, it’s about living with meager possibilities. You’re in Christ. We are learning to grow up into all things in Christ. We have a mindset that has all the possibilities of transformational thinking.

David saw beyond Goliath. He saw the majesty of God and he ran to meet it. He also saw that he was going to be ruler one day in Israel because Sam, the prophet, had spoken to him and said, “You’re going to be king one day.” He wasn’t king when he ran out to meet Goliath, but he knew, “I can’t die. One of us is going to die. I’ve got a prophecy that has not been fulfilled, so it’s not me. So it sucks to be you!”

This is where you understand that the word of the Lord is the best health insurance and life insurance ever written! God has taken out a policy in your life — His name is Jesus, and you have the same policy that He has. That policy is, “I only see majesty in you. I only see sovereignty in you. Let Me bring that sovereignty up. Let Me cause that majesty to rise up in you. Let Me make you as God to the enemy.”

The enemy is defenseless against the majesty of God because he’s been disarmed already by Jesus. So it’s important for us to become vulnerable to the same glory that defeated the enemy in the first place.

Part of the alignment of preparing for the fight is we have to learn the language of an overcomer. Paul had that language down, Philippians 4:13, I can do all things in Christ. He had a language, and that language would not allow him to contemplate or to confess a defeat.

When you get into talking through fear and anxiety, and so on, which self is talking? Is it your old self that is supposed to be dead? When you express anxiety, fear, and so on, which self is talking? It’s not your new man, that would be your old one. You have to choose which person you are going to see your circumstances through.

You’re born again. God is only working on the new you, the true you, and He has a language that you need to adopt. The brilliant thing is we learn all these things in the course of life. Every circumstance you’re in is useful for the purpose of God. We don’t let any circumstances slide by. We’re practicing constantly, relentlessly. We need to become as relentless about practicing the Presence as God is about giving us the Presence.

–An excerpt from The Overcoming Life Part 1

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