The Key to Overcoming


The enemy will always win a battle where he can intimidate you. So the trick is to never let yourself be intimidated.

The first step to winning against the enemy is to avoid intimidation by fostering intimate fellowship with the Father and developing a deep understanding of majesty. This is the basis of being an overcomer.

There are many churches that don’t need a big opposition from the enemy because they’ve never been taught how to fight. They’ve never been taught about majesty. They’ve never been taught about overcoming, and so they are easy prey. So he doesn’t have to send a big force. A couple of junior devils will do it in most places because intimidation is a big factor in the enemy’s arsenal where he can send one person and intimidate a whole crowd, which you saw with Goliath and Israel. One person corrals a whole bunch of people and they’re all hiding, and no one is going out to face him until a 17-year-old guy who knows about intimacy because in between fighting bears and lions he is writing worship songs! So he knows about intimacy, and he knows about majesty, and he knows about Presence. He takes those things onto a battlefield and totally wins something. Someone who is an intimate of God will always overcome because your intimacy is the most intimidating thing about you.

This is why worship is such an important facet of spiritual life. Through worship we learn new levels of intimacy, and that intimacy is what turns the tables and intimidates the devil. There is an intimacy and there is a power in worship where you must feel strong enough that you could go up against anything and win. In order to win you can no longer make allowances for yourself to lose. Jesus is the one who determines what happens and when it happens, and it doesn’t matter how black the picture is. Glory and light can dispel any darkness, and we need a church that is full of light.

–An excerpt from The Overcoming Life 2

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