Using Inheritance Words: An Activation from Crafted Prayer


When crafting a prayer for yourself, it is important to ask God for an inheritance word. An inheritance word is usually passages of Scripture that He highlights and asks you to meditate on for long periods of time.

As a son or daughter of the Almighty, you have an inheritance, and God wants you to know what it is. Jesus Himself, after spending 40 days and 40 nights being tested in the wilderness (see Luke 4), returned to civilization and went straight to a synagogue. He opened the Scriptures to Isaiah 61 and proclaimed it as His inheritance. 

God will give you an inheritance word, if He hasn’t done so already. The word will set you up to discover what you’re going to experience during the next stage of your journey of faith. It may be two or three passages of the Bible, but He will put it in your heart, and it is your inheritance. Ask for it.

When you receive a passage, don’t read anything else for a while. Read it and re-read it. Memorize it, if you can. Take it apart, piece by piece. Study it. Look it up in the Bible commentaries. Research the original language. Ask God to illuminate His truth in it.

Every ounce of revelation is yours to experience.

This passage is part of the conversation in Heaven about you, so use it for all it’s worth. Then write a crafted prayer about it, asking for the things that have been laid out as promises in your inheritance word.

A Prayer for discovering Inheritance Words

Father, I thank You. Of all people in the earth, we are the most confident. We’re the happiest people on earth because of who You are. We represent Your Kingdom of joy. I thank You that You’re only acquainted with grief, that You are the happiest person that lives.

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that You would give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. I ask that You should show us your inheritance for the next stage of our journey, and I pray that You will enable us to study, to think into that, to meditate on Your word. I pray, Holy Spirit, that You would give us inspiration and insight into that word. Bring us into an experience of that word through the circumstances that You allow, so that we are established in the inheritance that You show to us. Help us grow rapidly, to be expanded, and to go deep in who You are.

Raise us to higher level in the Spirit. So I pray, reveal our inheritance in word form and inspire us to seize it, so that our hearts would be filled with Your confidence and certainty. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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