Don’t Miss This: All Single-Disc Teachings Are $5!

Brilliant Book House offers a wide variety of single-disc teachings which cover diverse subjects such as soaking, confidence, prophecy and passion. Single-disc teachings are a brilliant and concise way to restore faith and renew your energy.

This weekend, Brilliant Book House is offering ALL single-disc teachings for just $5, no coupon code needed!

large_single_disc_coupon copy

Two of our favorite single-disc teachings include are Living on a Higher Place and The Kind Intentions of God.

Living on a Higher Place is a perfect teaching for anyone who is yearning for greater access to God’s presence in all of life’s situations. Check out what this reviewer had to say about it at Brilliant Book House:

What I adore about this teaching is that it is about LIVING in the High Places of God, not just visiting there. It is some of the best wisdom on the challenges of going to the next level with God and how to navigate them. Graham gives such understanding to what’s happening in the transition process and encouragement to go forward. The ending song is a favorite of mine in a life of continually saying “yes” to God.

The Kind Intentions of God is one of the most profound, deeply personal and powerful soaking CD’s you will ever embrace. It is a comprehensive package of all the most amazing truths that God would want you to have in the forefront of your thinking and the foreground of all your life situations. Listen to a short clip:

Outside of these teachings, there are 13 other brilliant teachings to empower you and renew your thinking, all of which are just $5 through June 19. Shop now. 


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