Question of the Month: Why is it so vital to practice peace?


If you want to be a warrior in the spirit, you are constantly embattled. You live happily in the clash between two Kingdoms every day.

I never look for a day off in the spirit, I just look for more rest and more joy. That doesn’t mean I am fighting every single day, it just means I am ready for a fight every single day. So, I practice peace, rest and stillness every day because it’s an intrinsic part of who Jesus is and so we should want that happening in our own lives and circumstances. 

On the flip-side, fear is an intrinsic part of who the enemy is. He lives in fear and he wants to put the same fear on you. He wants to make you like himself, too — scared, worried, fearful, panicked, stressed, angry, bitter, resentful. He wants to make you like himself so every time you react in a negative, you’re complying with the enemy. Every time you learn how to move in peace, you are complying with the Spirit of God.

A lifestyle of peace takes practice and intention to  achieve, and listening for the heart of God can be difficult to hear especially through the din of our circumstances. But by making time to rest in the spirit of the Father, and by actively trying to seek His heart in every situation, it becomes easier and in easier, and prepares you for every opposition and every situation.

For more resources on a lifestyle of peace and the importance Fruits of the Spirit have in every aspect of Kingdom living, download Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Why is it so vital to practice peace?

  1. I think it’s so important to practice peace because it’s a stabilizer in any season but especially when challenges could overwhelm you. Also, living in a state of peace will help you hear from God as He is our peace [literally] in the midst of storms. I believe peace helps with joy and endurance; also is proof we are trusting God. Practicing peace gives us steady legs and overall confidence that whatever state we are in God remains in control!


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