God Doesn’t See What’s Wrong with You


One of the most important things we need to see about ourselves and about our relationship with the Father is that we do not have the right to be wounded. We have the right to be healed.

God loves you. And He’s setting you free from everything, including yourself. Areas where you feel violated, intimidated, or inferior need to be addressed in the loving-kindness of God. Areas where you’ve had humiliations, harsh words, stinging rebukes, false witness, misrepresentation, discrimination, where you’ve been victimized, you’ve had disfavor shown to you, prejudice, or you’ve been ostracized in some way, all those areas are what the enemy is seeking to bring into your life.

Every time you’ve come under some of those things and they have impacted you, touched you, wounded you, thrown you off course, whatever, its an act of penetration by the enemy which means you can come into this relationship with Jesus as your fortress, but if you don’t take those barbs out, the enemy is already inside the gate.

Your heart is a fortress. Your mind is a fortress for the Lord, and it is here that we are delivered from our sins and our circumstances.

When God looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong with you because everything that was wrong about you, He killed it in Jesus. And He is not resurrecting that person because He doesn’t want to deal with it! He created a whole new person and He is teaching us how to become that new person. God is not teaching you to avoid something, He is teaching you to become someone because He is not sin-conscious, He is righteousness-conscious. He gave you the Holy Spirit to teach you how to be holy.

God isn’t doing anything from a negative standpoint. He is doing everything from the standpoint of who you are in Jesus and who Jesus is in you. Everything God is doing is focused on Jesus. That means when God looks at you, He doesn’t see anything wrong with you. He sees what is missing from your experience of Him, and He is totally committed to giving you that encounter and that experience.

– An excerpt from The Overcoming Life Part 1

The Overcoming Life is available at discounted price through June at Brilliant Book House and provides even more brilliant insights about perspective changes and the way God sees His Beloved.


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